Butcher Wars – more than a trophy

Why on earth would any right-minded butcher think that breaking down half a side of lamb and pork, creating seven dishes – at least – that are Instagram worthy, in 30 minutes in front of a thousand people, is a good idea? Because it is a challenge, it pushes you, it...

Salami Season

The winter months herald the start of the salami season – a time when many Europeans make their own smallgoods based on recipes handed down from generation to generation. A time when customers will turn to their local butcher to source the necessary ingredients and...

Keeping connected, skilled and competition ready

So many competitions have gone by the wayside in 2020, and those for butchers are no exception with Meatstock Butcher Wars, World Butchers Challenge and many more cancelled or deferred. In an effort to keep connected and hone competition skills, butcher and TAFE...

Australian Meat News

Australian Meat News magazine is a trade publication for the Australian meat industry covering the industry including abattoirs, processors and the retail butcher.

Published five times a year since 2002, Australian Meat News has earned a slice of its’ readers time to learn about what’s going on in our industry and reflect their aspirations, needs and plans to run a prosperous business.

In this context, Australian Meat News is a literary signpost that says: Look up that website and find out more; make that phone call; send that email; attend that trade fair; ask about a new training course.

Covering equipment, ingredients, packaging, point of sale, wholesale suppliers and more, Australian Meat News gives the latest news and technology for its readers.

The challenge for the industry is ‘to sell’ the message that meat remains an excellent, value-for-money protein source through good quality products, innovation and communication. Our magazine is with you to remind you to take action for a better meat industry business.


The abattoir is the first link in the meat industry supply chain, providing quality carcases for both domestic and export markets for red meat, poultry and game. Australia’s meatworks are an exemplary example of quality processing and animal welfare.


Processors are the ones who provide quality cuts for a range of customers – wholesale meat suppliers, butchers and food manufacturers as carcases or cartons. Many are an extension of the abattoirs providing a paddock-to-plate service for both big and small producers and for a range of species.


The retail butcher is the customer facing end of the supply chain and sees the trends in food, preparation and public perception of the industry. Providing quality cuts of meat, value-add products and advice, the retail butcher uses machinery, ingredients, equipment, point of sale and more for a successful business.

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